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Autumn has arrived with its colours of yellow and gold . .

What a wonderful time of year to be learning about colours and shapes through a range of sensory activities, both inside and out.

We have a beautiful Autumn display in the nursery with a fabulous pumpkin as its centre piece and a delightful collection of leaves, conkers and pine cones that have been collected by the children themselves.

The children have been busy making wonderful Autumn wreaths that have made a superb display!

The older children worked very hard to make creative patterns using leaves on their wreaths.

Making Magic Potions . . .

This week we have been making magic potions in our mud kitchen! We have added some sparkle to our potions as well as a lovely selection of dried flowers and herbs from our garden.

The children learnt the names of the flowers and herbs.

Our visit to Gressenhall.

We have enjoyed a trip to Gressenhall Farm this week. We had a wonderful day meeting the piglets and a 5 day old calf!

We had lots of stamps to collect on our way around the farm and on our nature walk.

We enjoyed a tractor ride around the farm.

We even learnt to milk cows!

We all enjoyed listening to the story ‘Leaf man’ at the end of our nature walk.

As winter is approaching quickly . . .

. . . it will soon be the end of our visits from Phil, the ice cream man from Parravani’s.

We love having Phil visit every other week throughout the summer season.

Thank you for visiting us Phil. We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Have you tried Parravani’s ice cream? Follow the link to visit the Parravani’s website. Parravani’s is our FAVOURITE ice cream!

Baking Bread.

Not ony have we been busy making soup this term, but we have also make some fabulous bread!

First we had to knead the bread.

We loved trying lots of different breads. Our favourite was the Garlic and Rosemary bread. 

Cooking Vegetable Soup!

We have been making some delicious autumn vegetable soup. We had to collect some of the vegetables from `mr Butlers garden before we could begin.

Then we had to prepare the vegetables.

The soup was delicious!