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Celebrating Loi Krathong.

The children have been celebrating the Thai festival of Lights, Loi Krathong. 

To celebrate the children have made candle holders to float on water.

The children’s learning was supported by looking at resources from Thailand, as well as the flag of Thailand.

Everybody loved making the beautiful candle holders, which have made a magnificent and colourful display within the nursery.

Remembrance Day.

The children have been learning, why we celebrate Remembrance Day. 

They have looked at pictures and factual books to support their learning. 

The children have also been learning about the Poppy Fields and the significance of the Poppy. 

To support the children’s learning and understanding of Remembrance Day, they have made these beautiful ‘Poppies’. We have proudly displayed them around the nursery.

They are just stunning!

Bonfire Night at After School Club.

The children had a lovely time decorating their bonfire cakes, with some added sparkle!


At the end of the evening, we ventured outside to watch the fireworks going off in the distance. What a lovely evening!

We love Bonfire Night!

Wow! The children have been working really hard to produce some brilliant fire work creations! 

The children used a selection of brushes and sponges to print their firework paintings.

The Forest School children made their first fire of the year, and toasted marshmallows to celebrate bonfire night.

The children learnt about fire safety, why we might need to build a fire, and how to build a fire. But best of all, the children learnt how delicious toasted marshmallows and chocolate biscuits taste!