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Easter Egg Hunt!

With only a few days until the end of term, it seems the perfect time for an Easter Egg Hunt!

The children enjoyed counting the eggs that they had found.

Now they can not wait until it is time to eat the Easter Eggs!

Easter has arrived at Stepping Stones!

The children are beginning to celebrate Easter by decorating the Easter tree!

We found some fabulous decorations to hang on our wonderful tree!

We had a fabulous day at the zoo!

Parents and their children enjoyed exploring the zoo together! 

We saw lots of animals including tigers, leopards, cheetahs, camels, flamingos and penguins!

The children participated in a discovery session where they met a bearded dragon lizard called ‘Pop’, millipedes, African land snails and a guinea pig!

They even got to see how long a snakes skin can be . . .

The children even found enough time to do a little bit of milking in the farm area!

What a fabulous day!

Learning about the human body.

The children at Stepping Stones have been learning about the human body. They have learnt that the heart pumps blood around the body. The children enjoyed drawing around each other and placing the heart and lungs on their picture during a circle time activity.