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The Chinese Restaurant.

We have been having a lovely time in our role play Chinese Restaurant!

We ate some delicious noodles with chop sticks, and served our food in bamboo steamers.

Our little chefs had a lovely time “cooking” the food.

Umm delicious!

Chinese New Year . . .

With the Chinese New Year falling during half term, we have been beginning to learn about China and the New Year festival celebrations.

We have been exploring noodles on the sensory table.

We added vegetables to pick up using chop sticks!

Scissors, chop sticks and tongs were used to cut and transport the vegetables and noodles, it was very tricky!

We used our fine motor skills to pull the peas open and count how many were inside!

Today we have been learning about Bees!

As part of our topic learning about ‘Pets’ we have learnt about the different pets that our children have at home.

Today we learnt about some very special pets . . . . Bees!

Nats keeps Bees at her home and the children have loved learning about how to keep them!

Here is Nats wearing the Bee Keepers Suit.

The children enjoyed looking at the frame were honey comb is formed.

They especially liked the smoke puffer, which is used to calm the bees!

We have had a fantastic morning learning about bees!

Christmas carol service.

Children and parents from Stepping Stones particpated in a Christmas carol serivce at Woodton church. 

The children were fabulous!

The children dressed in nativity clothes and sang some wonderful Christmas songs!

Well done to all that particpated!

A proud moment . . .

It was a proud moment for one of our children, when they entered a competition as part of a local Christmas fair!

The art work of the winning Christmas picture! Well Done!

Christmas Cooking . . .

The made some delicious Christmas mincemeat treats!

The children carefully used equipment and utensils, followed instructions and patiently waited for their turn!

Children learn the importance of giving!

Our parents and children have kindly donated some wonderful items to create two fabulous Christmas hampers!

The hampers were donated to the Waveney Food Bank, and they were gratefully received!

Local families received the hampers, and they were delighted with them! 

Waveney Food Bank were very grateful for the generous donations!

Thank you to all of those that donated an item or two.

We have been having a fabulous time in the woodland!

During our Forest School sessions we have been exploring mathematics!

We made some wonderful scales to exploring weights, measures and positional language.

All of our skills and knowledge learnt at Forest School, can be extended when we return to the nursery classroom.