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Easter Holiday Play Scheme Dates - Announced!

This Easter we have TWO very exciting workshops planned!

Each workshop costs £28 per child, per day.

Why not take advantage of our Holiday Play Scheme offer, and book both days for £50!

(For children aged 3 years and above. A packed lunch and outdoor clothing required)

Tuesday 3rd April (8:30 until 3:30):Castles and Cannons!

With Saint George’s Day fast approaching, what better time to revisit the story of George and The Dragon! Children will participate in a range of art and craft activities, from building castles using spaghetti and marshmallows, to collage dragons!

In the afternoon children will be participating in our water cannon challenge! The children will be scoring points to see who will become our own Saint George!

Wednesday 4th April (8:30 until 3:30): Pizza and Pancakes!

We will be hosting a day of cooking challenges for our young cooks, starting with the ultimate pizza cooking session! Children will learn about where pizza comes from and how it is made, whilst creating their delicious snacks. There will be an opportunity to use construction materials to build famous buildings in Italy, such as The Leaning Tower of Piza. 

In the afternoon we will be holding a fabulous pancake race and many pancake games, to see who will be crowned the pancake King or Queen! 

Oh, and of course we will be making and eating a TOWER OF PANCAKES!

Email for a booking form – office@steppingstoneswoodton.co.uk 

Folk Tales.

We made pancake collages and watched a wonderful Norwegian folk tale about a big fat pancake, which a mummy made for her 7 hungry children. He jumped out of the pan and met lots of different farm yard animals on his journey, dashing through the woods. None of the animals could catch him until a clever pig offered to give him a lift across the river on his nose and gobbled him up. ‘ Snip, snap , snout and now the folk tale is out’ was how the tale ends, which the children found very funny! 

After listening to the story, the children made pancake collages to create a superb display!

The Grand Pancake Race!

A pancake race is becoming some what of a tradition at Stepping Stones, and this year is no exception!

On your marks . . . . oh dear!!

The children loved the pancake race . . .

Oh dear . . . we seem to have a problem!

Whilst participating in a range of pancake activities the children have mostly importantly, learnt why we celebrate Shrove Tuesday!

Pancakes for Snack!

We have enjoyed a delicious snack of pancakes, bananas, grapes, lemon and honey!

“The lemon is bitter” said one child.


“I like the honey best because its sweet!”

Shrove Tuesday Preparation!

The children have been preparing for Shrove Tuesday by practising their pancake making skills.

We have used graters and lemon zesters to add some delicious lemons to our play dough pancakes!

Just look at all of our superb pancakes!